Awards & Accreditations
Events & Presentations
17th biennial AIFS Conference Melbourne- Family Violence in family law property disputes- confronting a no fault system, with fault- and how do they approach this in England and Wales, and in Canada? 11-14 June 2024
Olivia Grobtuch, Katharine Rock
Recent Developments in Family Law 23 March, 2024 Legalwise
Olivia Grobtuch
26th Family Law Conference, Cape Town South Africa 13-14 March 2024
Ian Kennedy AM, Olivia Grobtuch
IAFL Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting, (International Family Law) Brisbane 21-25 February 2024
In attendance- Ian Kennedy AM, Olivia Grobtuch & John Spender
Implementing Financial Agreements, TEN Webinar, September 2023
Ian Kennedy AM
IAFL Annual Meeting, Santiago, Chile September 2023
Ian Kennedy AM, Olivia Grobtuch, John Spender
Big Money Cases-Perspectives from Australia, Singapore & Hong Kong IAFL Asia-Pacific Chapter Online Seminar, September 2023
Ian Kennedy AM
Pacifica Congress Hobart 31 August to 2 September 2023
Olivia Grobtuch
Untying the knot: Validity and Enforcement of Financial Agreements, 17th National Family Law Conference, Gold Coast, August 2023
Ian Kennedy AM
IAFL Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting Bangkok, Thailand 30 May-2 June 2023
Ian Kennedy AM, Olivia Grobtuch, John Spender
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory-International perspectives on Marriage, Divorce and Nullity, 25th Annual Family Law Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, March 2023
Ian Kennedy AM
25th Annual Family Law Conference Cape Town 8-10 March 2023
Ian Kennedy AM and attended by Olivia Grobtuch
Family Court Property Orders- Breaches and Enforcement, TEN Webinar, March 2023
Ian Kennedy AM
Drafting Maximum Impact in Family Law, TEN Online Conference, February 2023
Ian Kennedy AM, Chair
IAFL Annual Meeting, Marrakech 30 November to 4 December, 2022
Olivia Grobtuch, John Spender
Professional Insight Night Melbourne Law School 4 October 2022
Leading Professionals in Criminal and Family Law
Navigating Difficult Family Law Property Settlements 7 September 2022
Chair, Ian Kennedy AM Television Education Network Online Conference
Here for a good time but not a long time: Family Law and Later in Life Relationships 30 August 2022
John Spender, Principal Television Education Network Half Day Conference
19th National Family Law Conference 14-17 August, 2022 Adelaide
Welcome Reception Sponsor
AIFS Conference 15-17 June, 2022 Irreconcilable differences: social science versus the law
Olivia Grobtuch
Family Law online Intensive 2021, Family Law Section Law Council of Australia
Ian Kennedy AM
Family Trusts and separation: financial resource or protected asset, Leo Cussen Institute 11 February 2021
John Spender & Deborah Wilson
Doyle's Guide 2021
Family Law Prize, La Trobe University
Response to COVID-19
Doyle's Guide Awards 2020
TEN: Enforcing financial agreements when circumstances change
Ian Kennedy AM
Drafting and Enforcing Child Support Agreements (TEN Conference 2019 & 2020)
John Spender
Drafting Binding Child Support Agreements- Tips and Traps to be aware of (Leo Cussen Institute 2019)
John Spender
Complex Property Settlements for Family Lawyers (Practicum by Legalwise 2019)
John Spender
Can you protect your client's family business interests from their marital or relationship breakdown (Legalwise 2019)
John Spender & Deborah Wilson
6th Annual AFCC Conference 2019 (Sydney)
Olivia Grobtuch
The truth is rarely pure and never simple
Oscar Wilde