Rocky Zhou

Rocky is a lawyer practising in all areas of family law. He is bilingual (English/Chinese) and is fluent in Mandarin and Shanghainese.


近期以初级律师一职加入Kennedy Partners。作为一名来自中国上海的留学生,他具有中英双语背景,并一直以来有志于成为一名专业律师。周博今拥有莫纳什大学商科会计(本科)以及法律博士(硕士)学位的复合学术背景。在莫纳什大学法律援助实习期间以及Kennedy Partners作为律师助理实习期间,他深刻意识到在澳华人群体中缺乏对澳洲法律充分了解,以及澳洲华人普遍存在的缺乏充分维权意识的问题,并且这些问题在家庭法领域中尤为严重。因此,他决心专攻中澳跨国离婚、子女以及财产有关的澳洲境内以及中澳跨国诉讼,调解等法律业务。由于澳洲家庭法不断变化,在离婚时有关法律问题层出不穷,要为客户取得最好结果及最大利益,他坚信作为一名专业律师,具有严格的专业素养极为重要。

  • Biography

    Rocky has recently joined Kennedy Partners as a junior Lawyer. He holds a Master of Laws (Juris Doctor) and a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from Monash University.

    With multicultural and bilingual background, Rocky aims to play his part in reducing the issue of underrepresentation and lack of understanding about the Australian legal system in the Chinese community in Australia.

    Originally from Shanghai, China, Rocky came to Australia as an international student and is a native speaker in both Chinese (Mandarin) and Shanghainese dialect. Rocky further enhanced his language skills by obtaining the NAATI accreditation. This, together with his natural ability to comprehend the Chinese culture, places him in a perfect position to serve Chinese clients who are undergoing family law issues in Australia.

    Rocky is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria, the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia and the Asian Australian Lawyer Association.

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